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1.What is country music?
    In the 20th century, the name “country music” was first used in Nashville, Tennessee, by a radio station broadcasting programme called “Past opera, Old songs”. This programme was well received after Jamie Thoompson, an 81-year-old folk singer, was invited, marking the birth of this Genre. With time goes by, it started gaining vast worldwide popularity.

   The term country music in this event refers to folk music with distinctive ethnic features and various forms of expression.

2.How often is the ICMFC held?
    Every two years

3.What are the purposes of ICMFC?
   1、To give Zhangjiajie a new significance, new vigor, and new energy;
   2、To build Zhangjiajie into an international tourism resort with great potential;  
   3、To accelerate the integration of Hunan’s tourism industry with its cultural sector.

4.What is the tenet of ICMFC?
    Absorb professional and folk music, stage all styles of country music from all over the world, inherit and develop the art of country music, and promote the development of global culture. With 3 to 5 sessions of efforts, we hope that the International Country Music Week would become a permanent International Country Music Festival, making Zhangnjiajie an international country music resort.

5.What is the significance of the ICMFC logo?
    The IMCFC logo is a combination of three elements. It was designed based on the 8th note, incorporating the bamboo sickle and eyes of andrias davidianus. Green provides it with a farm-fresh look, sickle and bamboo represent the pastoral scene, and yellow denotes the eyes of andrias davidianus filled with passion.

6.What is the theme song of ICMFC?
    "Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

7.When and where was the first ICMFC held?
    ICMFC 2009 was held in Zhangjiajie on May 14-19, 2009.

8.How many teams participated in the first ICMFC?
    Several local teams from 7 provinces of China and 23 international teams from 19 other countries, with a total participation of 396 musicians.

9.What was the theme of the first ICMFC?
    Natural Heritage to the World, Country Music to the People.

10.When and where was the 2011 ICMFC held?
    It was held in Zhangjiajie on Sep 10-16, 2011.

11.What is the official website of ICMFC 2013?

12.Who is the person in ICMFC animation?
    Zhao Xiaoming, Mayor of Zhangjiajie

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