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1.What if I find myself in need of repairs to my costume?
    Please check instruments, costumes and accessories. If you find a tear in your costume or a button missing, contact the organizing committee via a translator. There will be an office of the organizing committee in the venue.

2.What if the organizing unit temporarily changes the agenda?
    The organizing committee will make reasonable and appropriate arrangements, and inform every team in time.

3.What if I get sunstroke?
    We advise self aid and mutual aid. Members should immediately move the patient to a well-ventilated ambient temperature area with no direct sunlight, provide him/her with sparkling water and report to the translator. After receiving the information, the organizing committee would provide professional treatment services.

4.Could I buy or take any medicine by myself from a Chinese pharmacy?
    If you wish to purchase the medicine, please get and fill in the application form first at the medical service point, so that a staff member of the organizing committee can accompany you for the purchase.

5.How can I use my mobile phone in China?
    You just need to activate international roaming. You can consult with the guide about specific methods of operation. Hotel telephone systems do not have International Direct Dial (IDD) service. If you wish to make an international call, you can purchase an IC card from the hotel.

6.What should I pay attention to during check-in?
1)Enter the room and make sure all the basic facilities are available ;
2)Keep the key card safe;
3)Pay attention to your personal security when in the swimming pool, gym or other places of entertainment;
4)Familiarize yourself with safe passages.

7.How can I use call service in hotel?
    After check-in, you should get acquainted with your translator, guide or team leader’s room number and contact information. If you require any help, please feel free to contact them.

8.Is toiletry supply free in hotel?

9.What services are free in the hotel?
    Swimming pool, gym, wake up service, and some tea or coffee bags are free.

10.What services are not free in hotel?
    Laundry service, international call, room service, and so on.

11.What if the water or power is cut off?
    The facilities in scenic area of Zhangjiajie are ideal. You do not have to worry about the water or power conditions. In case such a situation arises, you should obey the arrangements made by the organizing committee. The problem would be settled as soon as possible.

12.What if I discover a fire?
    You should immediately report to the police or the staff in the scenic area, and clearly mention where you are.

13.What kind of sockets are available in China?
    Two kinds of sockets: 110V and 220V. It would be convenient to bring along your own converter.If you do not have one, the organizing committee can provide you with a free converter.

14.What if I have diarrhea or nausea?
    Please inform your translator, guide or team leader as soon as possible. The organizing committee would arrange for medical service. Kindly, do not eat food from street vendors.

15.What if I lose my identification or valuables?
    During the event, please take care of your personal wealth. If lost, you may contact your translator, guide or team leader. The organizing committee will help you locate it.

16.How is the postal and bank Service?
    You may contact your translator, guide or team leader, to help you with relevant services.

17.What if I am lost in Zhangjiajie?
    Kindly, do not go out alone. If you wish to go out, inform your translator or team leader first. The organizing committee would arrange the tour for every team.

18.What if I lose touch with other members?
    Taking independent action is not recommended. If you are lost, please contact your translator, guide or team leader as soon as possible.

19.What if the weather changes suddenly?
    Obey interim arrangements from the organizing committee, and pay attention to personal security.

20.What if a thick crowd appears?
    Please try not to move in the crowd, pay attention to personal and financial security, and prevent injury by crowding.

21.What items are not allowed to be taken out of China?
1)All items are not allowed to bring into China;
2)Some items related to state secret: manuscript, printed matter, film, photo, disc, movie, tape, video, laser disc, computer storage media and so on;
3) Precious cultural relics and other cultural relics are not allowed to be taken out of China;
4) Endangered or precious animals and plants (including specimens), seeds and other propagating materials.

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