World Natural Heritage

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1.When do we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?
    On August 15th, Chinese calendar.

2.Why is the day called “Mid-Autumn Festival”?
    According to the lunar calendar, August 15th falls in the middle of Autumn, so it is called “Mid-Autumn Festival”.

3.What is the old tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival?
    Enjoy the moon, offer sacrifices to the moon, eat mooncakes, enjoy reunion dinner, colorful lanterns, and dragon-dance.

4.Why do Chinese people like eating mooncakes in Mid-Autumn Festival?
   Traditionally one has to eat while enjoying the moon. Mooncake is offered as a sacrifice to the moon in autumn, and has now become a symbol of family gathering.

5.When was Wulingyuan Scenic Area listed into the “ World Cultural Heritage List” by UNESCO?

6.Where is the first National Forest Park of China?
    Zhangjiajie became the first National Forest Park of China in September 1982. After UNESCO’s approval, Zhangjiajie National Geopark was added into the UNESCO’s list of World Geoparks in February 2004,  and is the first batch of World Geoparks.

7.Which landscape regions does Wulingyuan Scenic Area contain?
    It contains Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxi Valley, and Tianzi Mountain. In 1992, Wulingyuan Scenic Area was listed into “World Cultural Heritage List” by UNESCO.

8.What are the features of Wulingyuan Scenic Area?
1) In the key landscape ( 217.2 square kilometers ) of Wulingyuan scenic area, 3,103 tall quartzite sandstone pillars stand, which are uncommon at home and aboard.
2) Beautiful waterfalls, springs, river and lake. You could walk along the Jinbian brook, over 10 km in length, from Zhangjiajie to Suoxi valley, covered with incredible feasts for your eyes.
3)Variety karst caves in large scale. The most famous karst cave, amongst 40 karst caves, is Yellow Dragon Cave. It is 7.5 km in length comprising the best of all karst caves landscape in Southeast Asia.
4)Rare geological heritage, including aboriginal ecological environment and ecosystem.
5)Rich plant resources. Forest coverage rate is 74.75%. And two aboriginal forests which are protected well, and have many relict species.
6)Precious wildlife resources.
7)Unique meteorological landscape. In Wulingyuan, you will feel the seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter, cloudy, sunshine, sunrise, and sunset with your heart.
8)Quartz sandstone, fluvial erosion landform and karst landform.

9.Which scenic spot is the prototype of Avatar’s Hallelujah Mountain?
    A 300 meters tall “South Pillar of the Heaven”.

10.Which scenic spot is called the “Original Painting of Chinese Landscape Painting”?
     Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Chinese key scenic spots, the first batch of 5A tourist attraction, National Forest Park, National Geopark, World Natural Heritage. 
11.Which scenic spot is called “Renjian Yaochi” of Zhangjiajie?
     Baofeng Lake

12.Which scenic spot is called “The marvelous spectacle of karst caves both in China and the world”?
     Yellow Dragon Cave: It is the most important part of Wulingyuan Scenic Area ( World Natural Heritage, World Geopark, First Batch of National 5A Tourist Attractions), and has been regarded as "Wonders of World Karst Cave""All-round Champion of World Karst Cave" and "The Most Beautiful Karst Cave". The cave is the longest in Asia; it is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features. The inner recess is divided into four layers, two dry and two possessing waterways. The tally of natural wonders includes: one natural reservoir, 2 underground rivers, 3 pools, 4 waterfalls, 13 grand halls, 96 passageways and hundreds of thousands of stalagmites, columns and stalactites. 

13.Which scenic spot has been insured for 100 million yuan?
    Dinghaishenzhen. It is 19.2 meters high with a diameter of 10 centimeters. When you strike it, you will heat the vibrations and the echo, which attracts many people.

14.Who is the general planer of Zhangjiajie FAI World Grand Prix of Aviation '99?
    Ye Wenzhi, General manager of Yellow Dragon Cave Investment Co.,Ltd.

15.When is the best time to visit Zhangjiajie?
    Spring or Autumn

16.What are the special products in Zhangjiajie?
   Gegen powder, Juegen powder, Yan'er.

17.What are the specialties in Zhangjiajie?
    Sanxia Guo, Suan yu rou (sour fish and pork)

18.What are the main nationalities in Zhangjiajie?
    Tujia nationality, Bai nationality, Miao nationality, Hui nationality, etc


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