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Danzkring des Heimatbundes “de Spieker”,Germany

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       German traditional dances closely connect with the geography, history and customs as well as European dance culture and traditions. The most famous one is the village dance. It has 7 traditional styles such as sn ake, cross, crown, small circle, lined up, rotation along the circle etc. The most distinctive features are their dance steps and shoes. Their shoes beat along with the rhythm. In such dance, men clap hands, stamp foot, and somersault to show their flexible and excellent skill; sometimes, they hold women’s hands to make many interesting motions. They revolve around women all the time and dance to move on. It is the liveliest, most distinctive and complicated one among the universal and popular German traditional dances.
       At the end of German wedding, they always go in “grandfather’s dance”, which is the most humorous and funny dance. As soon as people hear the familiar music, they drink up their wine and start to dance.




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