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Traditional Food

1. She Meal


The Tujia people prepare a special meal on the "She Day" in the 2nd lunar month every year. The steamed food contains glutinous rice, common rice, cured fat pork, wild union and a local vegetable called "She". It is really palatable.

2.Family Reunion Dish


The family reunion dish is a must for Tujia people to celebrate the Spring Festival. Its ingredients are turnips, bean curd, Chinese cabbage, pork and chili pepper, which are strewed in a pot. The delicious dish is a symbol of good harvest and family unity in the coming year.

 It has an interesting Chinese name-"Niqiu Zuan Doufu" which literally means loach digging into a tofu. At the start, freshly caught small loaches are put into crocks or vats of clean water with some salt. After one or two days, the loaches expel the sand, mud and other impurities from their bellies. After thorough cleaning, the live loaches are mixed with fresh and tender tofu, where the loaches drill holes. Later, the tofu is stewed together with the loaches, along with peppercorn, shallot, gourmet powder, chopped ginger, sauces and some other seasonings. This dish is particularly nutritious and fresh, and is a great local delicacy for people of Zhangjiajie.

3. Staurois Ricketti of Zhangjiajie (Huanan Tuanwa)


The Staurois ricketti is also named "Bang Bang" or "Stone Frog" by Zhangjiajie locals. Huanan Tuanwa, a kind of frog, often inhabits in deep pools or ghylls in mountains and is a master of catching water snakes. The frog known for its tender meat is particularly used in soups, which locals claim is even more delicious than chicken soup. As Staurois Ricketti is abundant in nutrition, it ranks as one of the most expensive foods in Zhangjiajie.

4. Zhangjiajie Tu Minority Bacon


Bacon in Tu Minority is very popular and easy to make. Unlike commonly known bacon, it used not only pork as the main ingredient, but also mutton, pig blood, fish, chicken, duck, beef, pig’s trotter, harslet, bean curd etc. These fresh materials are first pickled with salt, chili powder, Sichuan pepper and peppercorn for 3 to 5 days. Then, they are smoked using firewood smoke until they turn brown. Bacon is mainly used for stir-frying, steaming, and making a chaffy dish. The unique flavor of bacon lingers on for several days.

5. Zhangjiajie Xiangxi Bandit Duck


Xiangxi Bandit Duck is a spicy Hunan “xiang style dish” steamed with fresh greens. Customers can choose to add more side dishes according to their liking, for example, steamed eggs. As for the Bandit Duck, the name of the dish came about because the chef that invented this dish used to scream at the ducks for destroying her crops. "Bandits" she termed them. And one day, in a fit of anger, she cooked one of them perfectly and discovered the meat to be extra delectable, discovering to a new wonderful dish.

6. Zhangjiajie Sweet Potato Noodles


Sweet potato noodles are made of fresh sweet potatoes or amylum of the sweet potatoes. These noodles need to be further cooked before eating, as they are essentially dry. They first need to be marinated  in pure water till they turn soft. They are later stir fried with pignuts, capsicum sauce or chopped pork; or boiled with spices and other ingredients. The noodles are sweet and sour , greatly favored by locals in Zhangjiajie.



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