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Mount Tianzi Nature Reserve

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Mount Tianzi (Mount Heaven's Son) lies in the northwest of Wulingyuan and stands at a position of tripartite confrontation with Zhangjiajie National Park and Suoxi Valley. The mountain is provided with nearly 100 natural platforms for panoramic sightseeing.  It has more than 2000 stone peaks and dozens of waterfalls and springs. The sea of clouds, the wavelike stone ranges, the snow covered capes in the winter and the sunrise are most spectacular. There are three treasures and one uniqueness on this mountain, namely, eating agric, Duzhong Tea, kudzu and fern. Furthermore, there are a lot of wild kiwi fruit which are rich in vitamin C, and usually mature in September.

There are five main scenic spots in Mount Tianzi Nature Reserve: Yubi (an imperial pen) Peak, Fairies Presenting Bouquets, Samurai Horse Trainer, Yubi Platform and the picture of infatuated celestial beings of painting.
Transport: Bus No.1 goes to the nature reserve from downtown Wulingyuan
Tel: (86)744-5617338
Admission(for reference):RMB245 yuan+3 yuan(insurance)/adult(which includes the cost of the environmentally-friendly car)
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