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Wulingyuan Baofeng Lake

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Locals say that where there is a mountain, there is water, and where a beautiful mountain exists, one can also find attractive water. The mountain gives rise to the water, and the water is the life-blood of the mountain. The water is more splendid as it reflects the mountain. Gracious people enjoy the mountains, and wise ones relish the water. We cannot regard as kind women those who find no interest in majestic mountains, and neither should we consider as good men those who have no taste for graceful waters.

Baofeng Lake is the place of graceful mountains and charming waters sought by all the kind, good, gracious and wise people of the earth. Baofeng Lake is the kind of paradise you would like to visit again and again. Located in the high gorges of Wulingyuan, a body of calm, crystalline water is surrounded by emerald mountains. The lake is situated part way up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground, reaching an altitude of 585 meters. It bears the name Baofeng as it is located in the Baofeng Mountain Range. With an average depth of 72 meters, Baofeng Lake covers an area of 15 hectares and can hold 6 million cubic meters of water at full capacity. This water is produced by a combination of rainfall, mountain springs and underground streams, and maintains an emerald tone all year around–it is known as paradise on earth. Beautiful lake scenery includes: Baofeng Waterfall, Stone Gate Welcoming Guests, Peacock Displaying Colorful Tail, and Golden Toad Biting the Moon, Fairy Lady Reflected in the Lake, and others.

Baofeng Lake was originally a gorge situated in Suoxiyu Natural Reserve, seated halfway up Eagle Mountain. In the 1970s, the small crevices of the lake were filled to allow the water level to rise and form a beautiful lake. Boat tours are led by spirited local girls who expect tourists to interact in call and response style folk songs. The fun begins after taking in the  majestic waterfall at the lake entrance.

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