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Int'l Country Music Week Highlights Zhangjiajie

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Mariza Koch from Greek Mariza Koch Song and Dance Ensemble said, "Both Greece and China are home to ancient civilizations. And music brings us even closer."

Artist from Egyptian Nile Folk Music Band said, "Our music originated in the Pharaoh era, with a history of thousands of years."The music festival made use of city mayor Zhao Xiaoming as a cartoon character to promote the event. It triggered controversial debates on the Internet, with some praising him "The most handsome mayor in history", while some others arguing that it was inappropriate and undignified.

Zhao took on his critics at a press conference.

Zhuangjiajie Mayor Zhao Xiaoming said, "As a mayor, it's my responsibility to promote my city. The form serves for the content, and I think it's of great meaning to promote Zhangjiajie in a way that's easy for people to understand and accept."

Zhao also said the festival has injected vigor into the local economy in the face of the global credit crunch.

The Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week is set to close on Monday, but the local government hopes the festivities won't end there.

Organizers are planning to hold the event every two years, trying to attract tourists with both the music and tradition of hospitality.

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