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"Hallelujah” Concert Hall in Zhangjiajie Opens to Public

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"Hallelujah" Concert Hall bathes in the sunlight.


The "Hallelujah" Concert Hall, situated at the entry of the Ecological Square in Yellow Dragon Cave, "a magical karst cave" in Zhangjiajie, opened to the public on the morning of Sept. 15. Prestigious master painter Huang Yongyu autographed the name of the hall several days ago.

With a total investment of 160 million yuan, "Hallelujah" covers a total construction area of 4,970 square meters. With Suoxi River flowing along its south, the concert hall sits against the Yellow Dragon Cave Mountain and embraces the paddy fields. Featuring harmonious ecological environment, unique and novel design, and attractive and exquisite appearance, "Hallehujah" boasts the most beautiful surroundings.

The opening ceremony of the First China International Culture Tourism Festival will be unveiled on October 23 at the concert hall. The opening ceremony and awards ceremony of the annual Zhangjiajie International Country Music Festival will be held there as well.

In addition, original eco-cultural performance in combination with advanced 3D technologies is to be staged everyday at the concert hall, introducing a graceful, attractive and mysterious Zhangjiajie to tourists from home and abroad.

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