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 If you're planning a trip to a foreign country, it always helps to keep a note of the emergency phone numbers valid in the country. Often while visiting a new country, one may come face to face with situations requiring assistance.

Be it a call for medical help or the police, keeping a list of emergency phone numbers is a good idea. 

110  Police

114  Local Enquiry Directory

121  Weather

116  Domestic Long Distance Inquiry 

117  Time Inquiry

119  Fire

120  Ambulance

122  Traffic Police 

184 Post Code Inquiry 

11185  Emergency Mail

Train Information Consultation:0744—2145572 

Bus Information Consultation:0744—8222317 

Flight Information Consultation:0744—8238294 

Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau Office:0744—8380188 

Wulingyuan Scener Management Office:0744—5618654

Standing Committee Office:0744—8223623 

Public Security Bureau:0744—8222151

Traffic Police:0744—8222837

Zhangjiajia TV Station:0744—8350102 

Zhangjiajie Park Police Station:0744——5712381 

Wulingyuan Traffic Police:0744--5618323 

Eco-car Telephone Complaints:0744—5555555 

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