Country Musician Hopes for Zhangjiajie Honorary Citizenship

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Mark Levine falling in love with every inch of the land in Wulingyuan.


Mark Levine enchanted by the picturesque scenery of Huanglong (yellow dragon) Cave.


Mark Levine performs at the closing ceremony of 2011 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week

"I have come to embrace the world natural heritage, Wulinyuan and perform. I also hope I can become Zhangjiajie's honorary citizen soon", said Mark Levin on April 6, 2013, honored as father of U.S country music, when concluding his tour of Wulingyuan scenic spot.

Mark Levine has been to Zhangjiajie five times, twice for Zhangjiajie international country music week. On April 3rd, a delegation headed by Mark arrived at Zhangjiajie where they toured scenic spots such as Tianzi Mountain, Huangshi Village, Jinbian River, Shili Hualang(ten-mile-long gallery) and Baofeng Lake.

His current visit is mainly to accompany his friends employed as foreign teachers in Minzu University of China. The group was deeply enchanted by the picturesque scenery, spectacular mountains, clean air and captivating streams.

Mark Levine took a stroll down the memory lane, recalling the happy times in Zhangjiajie, especially proud of himself for the "Special Contribution Award" in recognition of his outstanding performance in the past two Zhangjiajie international country music weeks. He has been in China for 8 years and has visited the city frequently. Deeply awed by the breathtaking natural scenery as well as the hospitality of locals, he highly recommended Zhangjiajie to European and American Media. Despite the language barrier, he even tried to sing the city's folk song "ma sang shu er da deng tai".

Meanwhile, he suggests that Zhangjiajie tourism departments should launch several distinctive cultural activities so as to attract more international tourists, who will without a doubt, fall in love with the city.

Born in Los Angeles in 1948, Mark Levine is a doctor of sociology, charity organizer, columnist  as well as a professor in Minzu University of China and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Through his songs, he conveys his concerns for China; through his voice, he expresses how moved he is by the hard-working and friendly people of this land; and through his actions, he composes the most beautiful melodies of love and hope!

Up till now, he has composed about 50 country music songs about his life in China; including Zhangjiajie comparing it to Heaven and Paradise.

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