Preparations for 2013 Country Music Week in Full Swing

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Opening Ceremony of 2011 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week (file photo)

Zhangjiajie has built up a gorgeous performance stage for the coming 2013 International Country Music Week, which will kick off in August 31, according to the organizing committee of the event on July 24.

Since initiated in 2011, the annual event has proved a successful tourism marketing program for promoting Zhangjiajie's international popularity with the sharp rise of tourists. The five-day music feast will attract about 400 performers from 24 overseas bands and six domestic bands, more than 200 journalists and thousands of guests. It will be much larger and more spectacular than the previous two sessions. Besides the exciting opening and closing ceremonies as well as gala nights, the highlight will be the tour performances escorted by nearly 200 domestic and overseas Harley-Davidson motors from Changsha to Zhangjiajie, arousing publicity stunt. 

Government departments at all levels in the tourism city are making full preparations to present a higher-level, unique and more influential international music feast.

Translator: Guo Yan 

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