Folk Bands to “Challenge” International Music Moguls at Opening Ceremony

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2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week will be unveiled on August 31 in Zhangjiajie where eight domestic folk groups from Yunnan, Gansu, Guilin and other provinces will come together with 25 country music bands from all over the world to celebrate a grand international carnival of country music.

The eight folk music bands participating in the event include Sal Music Group, Qinghai Yugur Ethnic Minority, Shanren Band, Yunnan Province, Fine Jade Ensemble, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Asilong Group, Yunnan Province, Kam Grand Choirs, Guizhou, Thrall Group, Inner Mongolia, Qasar Group, Jilin Province, Kangting Song and Dance Troupe, Sichuan Province. Together with international bands, they are scheduled to give tour shows during the country music week in Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Ecological Square, Water Winding Four Gates (Shui Rao Si Men), Old Mill Bay (Lao Mo Wan), Baofeng Lake, Tianzi Mountain and Tianmen Mountain.

Construction work for the opening ceremony stage has been already completed. The distinctive stage with local characteristics will be kept as the origin landmark of the country music week and will remain open to public in the future.

Chinese source:

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