Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week: Guests Discuss the City’s Cultural Dream

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The 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week • Cultural Forum was held at Hallelujah Concert Hall in Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave on September 1st. 9 distinguished guests present at the forum put forward their suggestions for the cultural road of Zhangjiajie, including Xu Yousheng, director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Yang Guangrong, secretary of the Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, Wang Rvnan, former founder of Chinese live performance, sculptor Lei Yixin and musician Gao Xiaosong.

Culture, a landmark of regional prosperity and development, is the key to the transformation of tourism in present time. In recent years, it is reported that Zhangjiajie has been focusing on the development of cultural industries. To help cultural tourism in Zhangjiajie, it continues to strengthen the status and role of culture in all kinds of tourist activities and in the formation of many brand programs, like the International Country Music Week, Through the Tianmen, the Charm of Xiangxi (west of Hunan), Tianmen Fox. According to the statistics, the proportion of the cultural industries in Zhangjiajie has reached 9% in GDP, leading the national average.

The guests discussed the cultural dream of Zhangjiajie from the perspective of music, performing arts, photography, chess, geography, architecture, sculpture, and other cultural forms in the forum. Among them, Yu Kongjian, dean of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Peking University, proposed that Zhangjiajie should rely on its natural beauty. It should not be enslaved to the bound feet of "urbanization". Xie Zilong, chairman of Hunan Photographers Association, recommended the establishment of an international photography awards focusing on the natural scenery of Zhangjiajie to expand its influence. However, Wang Rvnan said that calmness is required in the rapid development of Zhangjiajie.

In the end, Xu Yousheng adopted Yu Kongjian’s theory of  “Big Foot and Small Foot” to elaborate the problem of “Big foot propaganda" and "small foot propaganda". He said that the "small foot propaganda" is shouting every day, with no one paying any attention to it; while the "big foot propaganda" is doing things for people without being known. Now Zhangjiajie is in the critical period of quality improvement, transformation and advancement. It aims at the real integration of cultural and tourism industries, as well as urban construction to unleash the positive energy to its maximum potential.

It is reported, that this was the first time for Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week to hold a Cultural Forum, with Hunan Satellite TV’s Zhang Dandan as its hostess.

Translated by Zou Caixia

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