World Country Music Shows on Zhangjiejie Alpine Stages

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During the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, 22 international bands representing 20 countries coming from five continents and 8 Chinese bands performed at some popular tourist attractions, at different altitudes in Zhangjiajie including Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake, Tianzi Mountain and Xibu Ancient Street. These intoxicating country music feasts lured more than 10,000 overseas and domestic tourists

Tour performances are one of the theme activities of this music week. According to Chief of the festival’s direction crew, the altitudes of all alpine music stages were first marked, which added to the excitement of the performers and the audiences.

This activity exhibited the perfect integration of world country music, Zhangjiajie's fascinating natural beauty and the unique alpine stages. It brought the irresistible charm of the "Alpine Music" to the audience and tourists, deepened their understanding about country music and enhanced their impression of scenic spots of the host city as well as bands' performances.

"Alpine Music" has become another highlight, increasing popularity of Wulingyuan world natural heritage site around the world. 

Translator: Guo Yan 

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